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Monday, March 21, 2011

worst English ever (fall in love)

hahaha..i laugh for my self..who care???..i'm just kidding..=)
okay today i want story about a person thats make me fall in love..yes ofcoz a girl..i'm not gay okay!!.haha..first of all i want u all give attention to all that i said..
i dont want to talk much becoz my english is so u guys enjoy it okay..
i have no reason why i do this..but like i care..hehe

one day earlier i was meet someone "girl".she is very nice person & caring but i just can be friend of her becoz she had a BF..that girl so friendly and we has become closely at one time when she break with her BF..we always contact each together or "lepaking"..she is very pretty & cute la (ade ciri2 yang wa minat)..i think i was fall to her..but i cant tell her becoz i'm a shy i do a decision to keep this to be my secret.. and no one know it until today..haha

at the end the story is fake...hahahahhaha!!!!


  1. u niyh curang ke ape erp??? haha... i tot u siyes taw yunk... hihi... btw.. nice story.. ;)

  2. hahaha...i x rety la nk curang2 ni u..i kan baek orgnye..huhu..neway thnx 4 da comment keyh.. =D